Ricard Camarena Restaurant

The menu at Ricard Camarena Restaurant (two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns) is a successful combination of taste, absolute respect for the product, an understated creative cuisine grounded in tradition with cosmopolitan and Mediterranean influences and based on seasonal produce.

Ricard Camarena’s cuisine is highly personal, simple in appearance yet complicated in elaboration. The chef’s culinary soul shows through in developing his creativity without any superfluous elements that could get in the way of what he wishes to transmit in each one of his dishes.

Canalla Bistro

Munching on a pastrami sandwich as if you were on the Lower East Side in New York, savouring a okonomiyaki pizza or a smoked eel nigiri as if you had just left the office in Osaka, tucking into a taco with slow-roast pibil pork as if you were in a Mexican town … Canalla Bistro is all this and much more.

Ricard Camarena’s most eclectic restaurant is the nearest thing to a gastronomic trip around the world. Located in the district of Ruzafa in Valencia, Canalla Bistro’s dishes transport you to different places around the globe whose food the chef fell in love with.


Mediterranean comfort food is what’s on offer at this restaurant recently opened on the lower floor of the Colon Market in Valencia.

The menu is full of recognisable Mediterranean flavours. All our dishes are made with locally-sourced food, lending a special emphasis to fruit and vegetables grown by farmers in the proximity of Valencia.

Over the last few years we have created our own network of local growers to ensure that the produce comes straight from the field to our kitchen. Our idea is to be able to offer ‘vegetables a la carte’. This close collaboration with local farmers means that each individual variety can be harvested precisely at the optimum moment to guarantee maximum taste and texture.

Canalla Bistro – Madrid

Canalla Bistro Madrid is located on the first floor of Platea Madrid. This is Ricard Camarena’s most eclectic, rule-breaking and cosmopolitan restaurant. The Michelin-star, and 3 Repsol Soles chef brings his globetrotting gastronomic option to Madrid.

Ricard Camarena’s most laid-back playful option showcases surprising dishes combining the best quality produce with highly personal elaborations. And all served up in the spectacular setting of Platea Madrid.

Central Bar

If you’ve never savoured tapas or a good bocadillo in the hustle and bustle of a thriving market, you simply have to try Central Bar by Ricard Camarena. Our bar is located in the very heart of Valencia’s busy Central Market, Europe’s biggest and most spectacular art nouveau food market. Thousands of people visit it every day to do their shopping or simply to soak up the atmosphere with its aromas, sounds, colours and tastes.