Autor: Ricard Camarena

Editorial: Montagud Editores


  • 2ª Edición
  • Spanish/English
  • 24×32 cm
  • 272 pages
  • Hard Cover
  • ISB:978-84-7212-157-7

Price: 54,90€



Caldos. The secret code of flavour

Is it possible to create stock without water? Have you heard of anchovy brine? What do you know about stock enhancers? Would you like to discover how we make our veloutés? Do you want to learn how to clarify stocks without egg?.

15 years’ experience

‘Caldos’ is the result of over 15 year’s experimentation by Ricard Camarena in the kitchen. A book to read and to cook with, exploring innovative techniques for making stocks and broths … without water. The revised and expanded second edition is now available.

Something worth telling

“Stocks and broths have always been the basis of cooking, but they have remained largely unaltered. Cuisine as a whole has undergone huge changes but the same could not be said for stocks. We started to experiment with them fifteen years ago and began to discover a whole world when investigating the fats and juices of products. In the end we realised that we had something worth telling”
Ricard Camarena.