Digital Gift Voucher: Ricard Camarena Restaurant – “Synthesis” (without drinks)


Gift voucher to enjoy a lunch or dinner with the “Synthesis” of Ricard Camarena Restaurant. Prices are per person. (Does not include any type of drink).

Menu consisting of:

‘Prelude’ of appetizers + 7 courses.  (The number of dishes can change)
Does not include any type of drinks.


When you make the purchase you will receive two emails. The first will be the confirmation of the purchase in which the price of the menus is included, and the second e-mail “Here is the gift voucher” is the one that has to send to the person to whom they want to give it, since in it the price of the gift does not appear. The person to whom you give it away must bring that printed coupon to present it to the restaurant manager.


The person receiving the gift should check the availability of the restaurant by calling 963 35 54 18 and making the reservation of their lunch or dinner. In it you must indicate the reference number of the gift voucher, so that you do not request the credit card information.


The gift voucher has a validity date of three months from the moment of purchase.


Avenida de Burjassot, 54 (Pumps Gens Center d’Art) – Valencia – 46.009

(The photographs are indicative of some dishes on the menu)

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